Rose Bowl Parade

Looking for some fun and entertainment after a great new year’s eve? It doesn’t feel like new year’s has really started until the you’ve seen the awesome parade in Pasadena. The parade starts at 11 am eastern and there are going to be thousands of people lining the streets. The Rose Bowl parade is one of the most looked forward to events of the year.

The Rose Bowl Parade has been going on for 122 years now. That is quite a long time for an event to keep going. The reason that it has been going for so long is because of the hard work that goes into it and the amazing floats and entertainment that continues to get better and better every year. Make sure you don’t miss the Rose Bowl Parade.

There are always great celebrities and various well known people that are hosting the high profile parades. This just makes it all that more fun and this year is no different. Make sure you keep a look out and see if you can see any of your favorite people out of their normal element. Many workers had to battle the elements to get the Rose Bowl parade together so make sure you don’t miss it.

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