HGTV Dream Home

Wouldn’t we all love to live in a gorgeous house? How about a house that has more than one bathroom that we have to fight over just to brush our teeth? Even if you can’t have it yourself at least you can dream about it. The HGTV dream home is sure to be just that – a dream home for many of us but maybe one day!

The HGTV dream home has been being revealed every year for 10 years now. The Rose Bowl parade has been going on for 122. Today the two events are going to be combined. The HGTV dream home has it’s very own float in the parade.

Now you can tell me if this sounds like your dream home. 3,400 square feet, two bedrooms, a dorm, two family rooms and a gourmet kitchen. If that is not enough the house has beautiful large windows and the scenery is breathtaking. I’m excited to see some picture of the HGTV dream home.

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