VA Lottery: Sold Out!

Many times winning the lottery is the only light at the end of the tunnel for many people. It’s not that expensive to play and there is a small chance at winning a big amount of money. There are thousands of people that never win but they still play. That is why it doesn’t surprise me that the New Year’s millionaire VA lottery raffle has sold out it’s 330,000 tickets!

The VA lottery spokesman John Hagerty says that the last ticket for $20 was sold out just after noon on Friday. The drawing is set for Saturday new years day. There are three prizes for a whopping $1 million and there are six $25 thousand prizes! This is quite a nice chunk for the VA lottery.

The odds for winning really aren’t as bad as you may think either. You have a one in 1,078 chance of winning if you bought a ticket. There could be 9 very happy winners today. Many people are anxiously awaiting the drawing for the VA lottery.

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