Tournament Of Roses Parade 2011

What could possibly be more gorgeous than giant floats created with thousands upon thousands of roses? You’re right – pretty much nothing unless you count the lovely ladies on the floats. There is plenty to see at “America’s New Year Celebration” as many people call it. The tournament of roses parade 2011 is one of the most talked about events happening the beginning of this year.

tournament of roses parade 2011The tournament of roses parade 2011 is the 122nd annal parade that has been held in Pasadena. Every year it seems that it gets bigger, better and brighter. This year they are even adding something new to the parade. The HGTV dream home revealing is going to be combined with the parade this year.

The HGTV dream home is just as lovely as every other year. They have been doing one of these dream homes for 10 years and thought that it was about time that they combined these two highly anticipated events. The bands, the flowers and the festivity today are going to be amazing. The tournament of roses parade 2011 is going down in history as a huge success.

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