Randy Edsall: New Maryland Football Coach?

There is a little bit of changing going on right now. There are going to be some coaching changes going on – possibly. There are a few sources that say that Maryland may be taking on a new coach. The person that they believe that will get the job is Randy Edsall.

Randy Edsall is currently coaching Connecticut and if he goes he will owe Connecticut a $400,000 buy out. He is a 52 year old coach and has a 74-70 record while at Connecticut. He’s actually the most winning coach in the history. Randy Edsall made a big difference in the program.

As far as we know the school is going to call a news conference on Monday to announce these goings on. If nothing changes you should keep a look out for this announcement because there a 99.99% chance it’s going to happen. Coach and his family have even been up to check out the school. Let’s just start thinking about Randy Edsall as being from Maryland now.

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