Jeannine Edwards: Sweetcakes Or A-Hole?

The sports world can be a tough place for a woman and it takes a tough woman to be in that place. The incident with Ron Franklin shows the fact that there are still men that do not like women to be all up in their business. Well I’ve got news for you, the women are here and we are not leaving. Jeannine Edwards has been in the business since 1994 so what makes you think she’s going to let this stop her?

Jeannine Edwards works for ESPN covering Horse Racing, College Football and College Basketball. She is from New Jersey so good ole Ron Franklin should have known not to mess with her. Maybe he was just having a bad day but I hope it was worth getting pulled off the Fiesta Bowl radio broadcast. Jeannine Edwards then covered the event with Dave Lamont.

What happened with this little run in with Ron Franklin is that Jeannine was trying to get in on a conversation about Franklin’s wife and her recent mayoral win. He called her sweetcakes and told her to leave the conversation to the boys. When she told him that she did not like being called that he said ok how about A-hole? Needless to say Jeannine Edwards didn’t take kindly to that and rightfully reported him.


  1. sam pulis says:

    This woman abused the fact that she was a woman and used it to her advantage. If it was a bunch of women talking and it was a guy trying to butt in, and someone said leave this to us sweetie and then when the guy objected, was called an A-hole, nothing would have happened to them. Times have changed and women need to stop taking special treatment like this if they want things to be equal. Are male reporters allowed in the womens locker room during showers? I didn’t think so… If a woman insults a man, can he then go complain about it and get that woman fired? I haven’t seen it happen.. have you? This story sounds like someone is a big cry baby.

  2. Daravar says:

    No, she tattled like the little girl she is. She should have said, ” F U” instead she demonstrates why it’s easier to avoid women rather than work with them.

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