Iphone Alarm Glitch

How many of your were running late for work this morning? This is the first day of the year, you don’t want to be late for it do you? Of course you do not want to be late but if you were using the alarm on your Iphone you may just have been. The horrible Iphone alarm glitch had many people late for work.

The Iphone alarm glitch effected thousands of people this weekend and this morning. There was a promise that it would be fixed by this morning but yea, it wasn’t fixed. The first of the year should be when you are doing everything the way you want. This morning many people that wanted to be early and on time for work were not able to do that because of the Iphone alarm glitch.

Ok folks, it’s about time to run out and get a real alarm clock if this keeps happening. I mean sure it’s a great excuse to give to your boss but do you really want to lose the money for missing work? There are other alternative programs that you can use to wake you up as well. This is at least until the Iphone alarm glitch is all fixed up.

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