Kristi Cornwell: Death Confirmed By Dental Records

It’s a sad day when women can not walk out of their own homes without being afraid. The only time that you used to have to be afraid is if you were in a dark alley by yourself in a big city. These days crime has found it’s way into even the smallest places. Kristi Cornwell found this out the hard way.

Kristi Cornwell was a 38-year-old woman from Blairsville,GA. The last place she was seen was walking along a road in this city. The last thing that was heard from her was the words “Don’t take me!” that was yelled after she had dialed her boyfriend’s phone number. Kristi Cornwell was not heard from again.

In Union county GA there were human remains that were found on Saturday. These remains were confirmed to be this Cornwell after dental records were checked. James Caringger is a possible suspect. Police are determined to find out who murdered Kristi Cornwell.

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