Arkansas Birds Dead

There are so many different things that have been happening in Arkansas. There are some people that are saying there are some very odd things going on because of the government. Some people believe there may be weapons testing going on. Could the government be the reason Arkansas birds dead?

The story Arkansas birds dead brings out a lot of controversy. There are people that are trying to down play the whole thing and make us think that it was a rogue thunderstorm. They are trying to get us to believe this even when there were no storms in that area at that time. Others are strongly insisting Arkansas birds dead because of the government.

What do you want to believe? The conspiracy theorists had barely let the bird’s bodies be dead on the ground before they started blaming the government. I say, what can we really do about either situation? The story Arkansas birds dead may not have any conclusion.


  1. Marvin says:

    H.A.A.R.P did it!

  2. SHELLY says:

    i wonder if its a precursor to 2012 with the magnetic poles shifting , maybe we will see more of this happening in nature as we get closer to a pole reversal, how would it effect birds and fish?

  3. Jazzie says:

    The world isnt going to end in 2012!!! Pole reversal is a load of s***. The so called ‘doomsday’ is just going to be another day where people will trun around and say – “what a load of bollocks” just like we have done on so many other so-called ‘end of days.’ Period.

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