Megan Mcallister: Craigslist Killer’s Latest Victim

There are many weird things that happen in your life and I am sure that you have your stories. There is one girl that has a horrible story that can probably trump almost any of ours. This girl is the Craigslist Killer’s last victim. His ex-fiancee Megan Mcallister.

Megan Mcallister stuck with her fiancee while the whole mess was going on. She really believed that they were going to be together and get married. After she figured out it was all true she went into the jail and broke it off with him. Megan Mcallister finally decided she wanted to move on with her life.

Not long after this Philip Markoff killed himself but not before he wrote her name in blood on his jail cell wall. How scary must that be to think that she was dating a serial killer all of that time and didn’t even know it? Now she is still studying medicine. I expect that Megan Mcallister will make a great professional in her career field.


  1. Matt says:

    Love is blind… Megan should have spotted some red flags. but he was not a serial killer. He was a robber. And killed someone when things went wrong. Thank God for the other victims he wasn’t a serial killer.

  2. Julie says:

    I watched the lifetime movie and cried. I was in a similiar situation as Megan. I lived with a guy I knew my whole life, had plans on marrying him, and everything seemed perfect. I came to find out that he was sleeping with girls he met on craigslists, had numerous profiles on casual sex sites, and i found dirty emails on his computer.Sure there were a few red flags now that i look back, but with any relationship, sometimes you have to give people the benefit of the doubt if you love them. The actress who played Megan broke my heart. Especially in the end scene when he was in jail and she was crying, asking him “what did i do to deserve this?.” It really hit home. I hope Megan pursues her career in medicine. Like me, I also hope Megan has realized that sometimes sucky people come into our lives, sometimes their problems become ours, but thank god she did not marry Philip Markoff and have children with him.. could have been worse. He fooled everyone Megan!.. my ex bf did too. You arent alone. So many jerks do this to their wives/ gfs and they will probably never know. Consider this a blessing in disguise.

  3. reality says:

    Maybe your ex chated on you Julie because you just weren’t good looking enough. Or smart enough. I mean come on, you’re comparing a serial killer to your ex who cheated on you? Get some perspective

  4. bentliee says:

    to reality* um she wasn’t really comparing her bf to a serial killer. she was just stateing something that had some type of comparsion. the point was that some guys can really pull one over on people. so if anyone needs persepective its you. and who just says someone is cheated on because they aren’t good looking. You don’t even know her. oh, and you spelled *cheated* wrong….dumb*ass

  5. Vanessa says:

    I just want to point out that, by definition, Philip Markoff wasn’t a serial killer. A highly disturbed individual who murdered someone, yes. Don’t believe everything you see on lifetime. The Boston D.A. seems to think that even though Markoff may have been a sexual deviant, his crimes weren’t sexual in nature. Yes, he targeted women from the erotic section of craigslist, but that was probably because he thought that they wouldn’t go to the police, or wouldn’t be taken seriously if they did. Aside from taking some underwear from the first woman he robbed (from her suitcase, not off of her person), he never committed a sexual crime. There is some speculation that he was robbing these women to pay off some gambling debts. Its just sad that his self-destructive, reckless behavior ended a life and ruined many others.

  6. C Koenig says:

    He was NOT a serial killer. It breaks my heart that such a promising young man was so hooked on gambling that he turned to robbing young women and consequently killing one when things went wrong. I was not aware that Phillip had taken his life until I watched the tv movie this weekend. My heart ached not only for the victims, but for Megan, Phillip and his parents.

  7. Peter says:

    *** goes into gmail and delete all my convos with ex’s and craiglist hookups *** friggen snoopy partners

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