Bill Erwin: 96 Year Old Dies Of Age Related Causes

We have lost another name in our beloved actors list. You may remember the crotchety old neighbor that played on Seinfeld. The one that was so mean and grumpy that he made you laugh. He was known as Sid Fields on Seinfeld but his real name is Bill Erwin.

Bill Erwin was 96 when he died Dec 29th at his Studio City California home. The Los Angeles Times reports that he died of age related causes. He did live a full life and is dear to the hearts of many. Bill Erwin was even Emmy nominated for his role as Sid Fields.

This man had over 250 television and film credits. Besides for his acting he was also a published cartoonist. This good old Texas boy made out good in his 96 years. We will all miss Bill Erwin.

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