Dead Birds And Fish

Many people are trying to figure out the strange goings on in Arkansas. Not only are the residents wondering what in the world is going on but so are millions of other people in the United States. Is there some plague or maybe the government has something to do with it? The dead birds and fish have some people freaking out.

The dead birds and fish story started really getting out there after New Year’s day. This is when the birds fell from the sky. It was later found out that over 100,000 fish were found dead in the Arkansas river before the birds fell from the sky. What is going on with the dead birds and fish?

Some people are saying that the fish and birds were just coincidence but seriously? If that’s true then this is one of the most unlucky spots on the entire Earth! What is more likely is the theory that many people are putting out there. The theory that the government and secret weapons testing has everything to do with dead birds and fish.

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