Christina Scavo: Brett Favre Sued

There are a lot of sleazy things going on in the sports world lately. It seems that sex drugs and rock ‘n roll aren’t the only things that go together. Apparently sports and sex go together as well. Christine Scavo is suing Brett Favre for sexual harassment.

Christina Scavo who was Favre‚Äôs massage therapist claims that he was hinting around at a threesome. He was saying that he was “lonely” and that he had “bad intentions.” While this doesn’t sound like the Brett Favre that I know I really wouldn’t be surprised. If he didn’t want this mess than he should have stayed away from Christina Scavo.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday, it was against Favre, Lisa Ripi, who is the woman that coordinated massage therapists during training camp and it was against the Jets as well. Christina’s husband was not very happy about the text messages and approached Favre about it later. Her father wasn’t very happy about it either. We’ll just have to see how much Christina Scavo gets out of this.

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