Rich Rodriguez: Fired

There is still a lot of talk about what is going on with Michigan’s head coach. What is new though? It seems like there has always been a lot of controversy about Rodriguez taking this position. Rich Rodriguez has been reported as fired by Fox 2 Detroit.

Rich Rodriguez has had a rough and tumble tenure at Michigan. There have been a lot of people that thought that Jim Harbaugh may replace him as head coach if he did get fired but now that does not look like it’s likely to happen. Until the ink is dry on a contract we really aren’t going to know what is happening with this position and even then it’s questionable. Right now we strongly believe that Rich Rodriguez has been fired.

Rodriguez is a West Virginia native but has been around quite a few places. Some of his stops during his career include Salem University, Glennville State College and also West Virginia University. Who knows what is going to be next. We will just have to look for more updates on Rich Rodriguez.

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