Omar Slim White: Engaged!

Well here you go, another happy couple. How long will this marriage last? I hope that they do great but with Hollywood it just seems like a matter of time until people start talking divorce. Omar Slim White proposed to his year long girlfriend Vivica A. Fox.

Omar Slim White is a club promoter in Atlanta and apparently he has deep pockets. He bought his girl Vivica an 8 carat diamond and proposed to her in a hotel in South Beach. All of this happened on Dec 26th. This makes it a lot easier for Omar Slim White to remember the anniversary of their proposal.

Sources say that Vivica is over the moon and happy. She has confirmed the engagement and isn’t shy about being a “cougar”. Back in 2009 she even had a show about it. Omar Slim White is only 27 and she is 46 years old.

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