Chinese Stealth Fighter

Even though the US is trying to downplay things there are a lot of people getting nervous about what is going on. There has been photographic proof that China has some big changes going on in it’s military. This information has come out only days before US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is supposed to travel to Beijing on Sunday. There are many people looking into this information about the Chinese stealth fighter.

The Chinese stealth fighter wasn’t anything “normal” people were worried about lately. How come I have the feeling that the US government knows a lot more than they are telling us? Oh yea, because they always do! Are they going to try to cover up the information about the Chinese stealth fighter?

If this information is true then there is a lot to think about when it comes to the US defense. Does this mean that China has a plan to be hostile? There are many questions going around. With the release of the Chinese stealth fighter photos came a lot of speculation.

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