Robert Gibbs: Press Secretary

It seems like the search needs to be widened when it comes to who is going to be replacing the outgoing press secretary. There is always so much brown nosing going on when it comes to getting into an office like this. I wonder who is going to be able to get the position. Robert Gibbs is the outgoing press secretary.

Robert Gibbs was born March 29th 1971. He was not only an American political consultant but he was the communications director for Senator Barack Obama during his presidential campaign. He was also the press secretary of John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004. Robert Gibbs is a well known face when it comes to politics.

The latest job of press secretary was taken on January 20, 2009. His first official briefing was given January 22nd 2009. He had a very busy time until he decided that he was going to leave the White House and become an outside adviser. Robert Gibbs is expected to leave this position Feb 2011.

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