Censored Jesse Ventura

There is some pretty hard hitting stuff going on with the show conspiracy theory. The government was not too happy about it either. They forced a certain episode off the air. They censored Jesse Ventura.

Jesse Ventura is not one to be scared off very easily so he just kept going. There were plenty of threats that came across to him and people that were not happy about what he was saying. It’s almost unbelievable the things that he will show you. No wonder they censored Jesse Ventura.

If you watch his videos that are still up on youtube you will see horrifying things about “FEMA camps”. You will see how the government plans to put martial law into affect. You will also see how the government wants to put every day people like you and me into jail. Go to youtube and see how they censored Jesse Ventura.


  1. Helix1984 says:

    he hit them where it hurts….but I like many others have DOWNLOADED the show episodes and got them on ext.HHD and burned dvds..etc…well just keep posting it as they try to take it off..lol…they are as scared as roaches..mmm..they are roaches..lol…THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!!…WHEN THE TRUTH BECOMES TREASON YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG.

  2. Mark says:

    Why would they censor his show? They claim the camps are set up for our common good right? And according to rep cohan the children there are he bets really happy. Time for a reallity check people

  3. say no to nwo jesse ventura needs to run for president but they would probably murder him like they did jfk

  4. craig says:

    I believe J.V. is a true patriot. His mission to educate those who want to learn certain realities is courageous.

  5. June says:

    What happened to freedom of speech is this Iran or the US where we are still supposed to have that freedom the government doesn’t want anyone uncoverning and telling their dirty lies. Wake up folks it only appears we are free on the service!!!


    The Mark of the Beast

    I heard the Lord say, “My Spirit will not always strive with man. Come and see the beast.

    “During the last days an evil beast will arise out of the earth and deceive many from every nation upon the earth. He will demand that everyone receive his mark, the number 666, placed in their hands or on their foreheads. Anyone who takes the mark will belong to the beast and will be thrown with him into the lake of fire which burns with fire and brimstone.

    “The beast will arise to the acclamation of the world, for he will bring peace and prosperity such as none can remember. When he has gained world dominion, those without his mark in their foreheads or their hands will not be able to buy food, clothes, cars, houses or anything else that is bought. Neither will they be able to sell anything they own to anyone else unless they have the mark.

    “The Lord God expressly declares that those who take the mark have affirmed their allegiance to the beast and will be cut off from the Lord God forever. They will have their place with the unbelievers and workers of iniquity. The mark states simply that those who possess it have rejected God and have turned to the beast for sustenance.

    “The beast and his followers will persecute those who refuse the mark and will kill many of them. Whatever pressures they can bring to bear will be used to force believers of the true God to be marked. Children and infants will be killed before the eyes of the parents who refuse to take the mark. There will be a time of great mourning.

    “Those who possess the mark will be forced to turn over their possessions to the beast in exchange for a promise that the beast will meet all the needs of his followers.

    “Some of you will weaken and surrender to the beast and receive his mark in your hand or forehead. You will say, ‘God will forgive. God will understand.’ But I will not repent of My Word. I have warned you repeatedly through the mouths of My prophets and ministers of the gospel. Repent now while it is still day, for the night comes when judgment will be set forever.

    “If you do not obey the beast and refuse to take his mark, I will take care of you. I do not say that many will not have to die for their faith in these times, for many will be beheaded for trusting the Lord God. But blessed are those who die in the Lord, for great will be their reward.

    “True, there will be a time of peace and prosperity during which the beast will gain popularity and esteem. He will make the problems of the world as though they were naught-but the peace will end in bloodshed and the prosperity in great famine across the land.

    “Fear not what man can do to you, but fear him who can cast your soul and body into hell. For though there is great persecution and though tribulations are multiplied, I will deliver you through them all.

    “But before that evil day, I will raise up a mighty army that will worship Me in spirit and in truth. The army of the Lord will do great exploits and wonderful things for Me. Therefore, come together and worship Me in spirit and in truth. Bring in the fruits of righteousness, and give Me what is rightfully Mine, and I will keep you from the evil hour. Repent now and be saved from the terrible things which will befall the rebellious and the unsaved.

    “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Call on Me while you may, and I will accept you and forgive you. I love you and do not desire that you should be lost.

    “Believe this report and live. Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

  7. Mike Cain says:

    Praise the Lord!!! That was true and factual. More should be written about the coming days. It is a very exciting time we’re in right now and i hope everyone is ready for Jesus’ Return!!!

  8. RawEffect says:

    To quote:

    I heard the Lord say, “…those without his mark in their foreheads or their hands will not be able to buy… cars”.

    How’d Jesus know about hybrid sedans 2000 years ago? Creepy. I’m sold, which basket do I drop my donation cash into?

  9. Chris Y says:

    They sensor the educational shows, but keep the idiotic brainless shows.
    Jesse is a warrior, he isn’t going anywhere.

  10. M Tizzle says:

    People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

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