Elizabeth Edwards Will

Apparently if you’ve been a bad boy you don’t get the money when it comes to John Edwards. John Edwards is the former US Senator from NC that was busted in an affair. The news says he “admitted” it but that was only after he was caught. Elizabeth Edwards will shows exactly how she felt about what he did.

After dieing from cancer Elizabeth Edwards will was read and it shows no mention of her husband. One of her daughters was named the executor of the will and then the belongings were divided between her other children as well. I don’t think John Edwards was very shocked by any of this. Elizabeth Edwards will could have been seen coming a mile away.

When Edwards was asked to talk about her husband she didn’t have very much good to say. She did say that she wanted him to heal because he was the father of her children. She did realize that he would be left as the only parent soon. Elizabeth Edwards will won’t be challenged.

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