William M. Daley: Chief Of Staff

There is a new chief in town, chief of staff that is. Obama has pick someone that is sometimes and ally and sometimes a foe. Obama will have to deal with him as his main adviser every day. Obama says that no one else has more experience than William M. Daley.

William M. Daley was born in 1948 in Chicago, Illinios. His political run has been pretty good seeing that he has served as U.S. Secretary of Commerce from 97 to 2000. He also is a lawyer and business exec. William M. Daley does have a lot of experience.

Right now he is serving on the Operating and Exec Committees of J.P. Morgan Chase & Company. Just January 6th of 11 the announcement was made that he would become the Chief of Staff for the White house. I am sure he is pretty excited about the job. I suppose we will see what kind of advising William M. Daley will do.

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