John Edwards Engaged

Man this fella has had a pretty rough time. Getting caught in an affair, having to “admit” it and then having his wife die of breast cancer. That’s all pretty rough but one of the hardest things to swallow for him was probably that he was cut out of Elizabeth Edward’s will. Now there was news that John Edwards Engaged to Rielle Hunter.

john edwards engagedJohn Edwards engaged was a story that came out from the national enquirer. Yeah, that’s what I said too, who reads that stuff? Well apparently someone does because they are still in business. A spokeswoman for John Edwards says no John Edwards engaged is not true.

People were talking about a hook up between him and his former campaign aid Rielle Hunter. No, silly of course he isn’t going to get married to her now! She is no longer the forbidden fruit because he’s free. Any story of John Edwards engaged is most likely not going to be true any time soon.

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