Gene Sperling: Who Is This Guy?

Ok since this guy is going to be taking a look at our lovely economy I would like to actually know a little bit more about him. As if things aren’t in bad enough shape it seems that the government is just shifting people around trying to make us think that they are doing something. Now they are replacing Larry Summers as head of the president’s National Economic Council. Gene Sperling doesn’t even have any formal training as an economist.

gene sperlingThere are a lot of people who claim that Gene Sperling will fit fine in this position and do a good job. Well I hope that he does a better job than well – any one else that has had anything to do with our economy! What a big fat mess, I do not expect him to fix it at all. Good luck Gene Sperling with finding a way out of this paper bag.

Sperling has been an American lawyer and political figure for quite some time. I suppose that he is taking his experience and putting it where training should really go to get this job. He does however have some education, a B.A. in political science and a J.D. from Yale Law school. Gene Sperling also attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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