US Army All American Bowl 2011

Another great game going on today as football teams from all over the US go head to head. This bowl puts East versus West. There are 90 teams that participate. Of course you know that I am talking about the US Army all American bowl 2011.

The US Army all American bowl 2011 not only has 90 awesome football teams playing but there are also musicians coming to showcase their talent as well. These 125 musicians are the top march band musicians from all over the nation. There are going to put on a great show during half time. Half time at the US Army All American Bowl 2011 is sure to be a great show.

There is also some new technology being tried out at the bowl. There are chin straps that have detection devises that can actually tell if the player has a concussion or not. There are light indicators on the chip straps that will let you know if the hit was serious or not. The US Army All American Bowl 2011 will not be the last place that these are seen I am sure.

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