Jamaal Charles: Kansas City

Today hasn’t seemed to be the best day for this young starting halfback. Everyone knows that when you make one mistake there are usually many more that are coming up behind. He is trying to do his best but I just don’t think his best is going to be good enough. Hopefully Jamaal Charles will be able to get things together soon.

Jamaal Charles was drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs back in 2008. He did not have a position that was very much in the spot light at this time however. He was put back as a back up halfback for the starting halfback Larry Johnson. When Johnson was suspended and later released Jamaal Charles was able to be starting halfback.

With only 10 times starting before he was put in Johnson’s place he was fairly green. His school plays were pretty impressive and he does do a good job. Today just does not seem to be his day. Will Jamaal Charles pull it off?

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