Natalie Gulbis: Dating Dustin Johnson?

Yeah baby there is love on the golf course again. While they did not have too much to say and Johnson actually gave a no comment we did find out that they are in fact dating. I do have to say that they are a cute golf couple. After confirming their relationship Natalie Gulbis said that she would allow Dustin to handle their PR and that is when he said “no comment”.

Natalie Gulbis is an accomplished young golfer who was born in California. Her parents started her out at 4 years old playing the game of golf. At 7 years of age she had already won her first tournament. Natelie Gulbis was breaking par at only 10 years old.

Her sweetheart is a little younger than her but only by a little bit. Don’t worry, there is no cougaring going on here. Dustin was born in South Carolina and turned professional golfer in 2007. Congratulation Natalie Gulbis and Dustin Johnson.

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