Bob S Burgers: What The?

Oh, yes, please give us more mind rotting vulgar television because that is just what we need. People like this just don’t understand how much what they put on television influences the people that watch. Young children are often watching these shows because they are cartoons and the people making them know this. Bob S Burgers is one step up from sickening.

Bob S Burgers is supposed to be the hottest show coming out to keep you entertained and laughing all night long. What’s not to love about an idiot running a burger joint next to a funeral home, I mean come on. Besides for all of that fun, don’t forget his rival restaurant across the street – Jimmy Presto’s Pizzeria. I guess you can have your own opinions on Bob S Burgers but I am sure you can figure out what mine are.

All of the voices are being done by men, yes – even the female voices. This should fit right in with the rest of the nuttiness that is going to be going on. This is sort of like the Simpsons all over again but worse. You can catch Bob S Burgers Sunday night at 8:30 on Fox.

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