Tom DeLay: 3 Years In Prison

You never know what kind of dirty things are going on behind the scenes when it comes to politics. It’s usually either sex, drugs or money. This time it was money. Tom DeLay is going to pay for it now by serving 3 years in prison.

tom delayTom DeLay is the former House majority leader. The former congressman was sentenced to three years in prison Monday because of his conspiracy to direct corporate money which was laundered to Texas candidates in 2002. Just last November a jury found him guilty of money laundering and at that time he accepted 10 years of probation. Tom DeLay seems to be a trouble magnet.

His attorneys are appealing his conviction so he is out on bail at this time. There was about $190,000 in question when it comes to the money laundering. This was the year that the Republicans gained control of the state legislature once more when it they had not had control since Reconstruction. I hope it was worth it Tom DeLay.

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