Jade Duell: To Have Owen Wilson’s Baby

Oh we all know and love Owen Wilson. He is always into something new and interesting. Remember when he dated Kate Hudson for that long period of time? Well apparently he’s been into Jade Duell for the last year now.

jade duell boyfriendJade Duell and Owen Wilson are going to have a baby! According to spokespeople they are happy about having a baby. Owen Wilson is only 42, why not have a little own or Jade? Jade Duell seems to be keeping out of the spotlight.

Hopefully the latest role Wilson has played in Little Fockers will allow him to figure out how to “do parenting” but I guess we will just have to see. There is plenty to learn and having a baby at 42 is quite an experience. They are in Hawaii awaiting the birth that is going to happen any day now! Congrats Owen Wilson and Jade Duell.

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