BCS Championship Game

Game time baby! Are you ready to see your favorite team stomp the other team? Of course you are, everyone wants their team to come out on top. In the BCS Championship game we are going to watch as the Auburn Tigers go up against Oregon Ducks.

The BCS Championship game is especially exciting tonight since Aurburn and Oregon are both undefeated. Who is going to pull out the win? It’s the best of the best in a game that the rest just couldn’t make it to, sorry guys! The BCS championship game is proving to be a great game.

The game is being played in Glendale Arizona where the weather is a comfortable 52 degrees. The University of Phoenix is a good place to have the game. Well I’m going to go watch the rest of the game. If I were you I would watch the BCS championship game so you don’t have to just find out about the score because so far very interesting!

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