Verizon Press Conference: Verizon Iphone Release Date

This is an event that has been long awaited. When Iphone comes to the Verizon wireless network. This plan has been in talks for quite some time. Tuesday was the Verizon press conference when the Verizon Iphone release date was revealed.

The spokespeople at the Verizon press conference say that the Verizon Iphone release date is going to be Feb 2011. There had been some talk about the Iphone coming in January but now it is confirmed that it will be here in Feb. Even though reports like this came out Verizon’s stock fell today. Hopefully tomorrow things will be better after the Verizon press conference.

Young and old people alike are interested in trying out this phone on their favorite network. Before this time the Iphone was not available on the Verizon network. You can grab this phone for about 200 bucks. The Verizon press conference was a success and one of the biggest searched terms today on Google along with Verizon Iphone release date.

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