Westboro Baptist Church Of Topeka Kansas

I usually keep my mouth shut about people but this is going to be one time when I have to say something. This one “church” claims that it has love crusades but everyone else sees them as a hate group. There are so many horrible things that they do. The Westboro Batpist church of Topeka Kansas is considering going to Tuscon Arizona to protest the funerals for victims in the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords.

westboro baptist church of topeka kansasThe Westboro Baptist church of Topeka is a pathetic excuse for a church. They must not be reading the Bible and seeing what God says about directing your life. I am pretty sure there is nothing in there about protesting funerals and holding horrible signs up at hurting people. The Westboro Baptist church of Topeka keeps trying to tell everyone that it’s the judgement of God when all it really is would be the stupidity of people.

People in Tucson Arizona are planning on wearing huge angel wings as a shield against the protesters if they do come. Hopefully they will go away and get a life. Maybe they could put their time to something useful like feeding the hungry or healing the sick. Westboro Baptist church of Topeka Kansas is not something Topeka is proud of I am sure.


  1. Bryan B says:

    Lets all just take a deep breath here, step back, and consider just who these people REALLy are. Are they Christians? Absolutely not! Are they even “Baptists”. Im certian they are not. Who are they then. All Christians that actually read and understand their Bibles will recognize these folks as minions of Satan himself sent to confuse and decieve. The Bible speaks of such “churches” repeatedly. Please dont make the mistake of accepting their self labeling as “christians” or “baptists”. They are neither.

    God Bless

  2. Sherry says:

    Your church is not representing the christians of this country at all. step back and take a look at yourselves.

    If you are perfect please email me and let me know.

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