Matthew Bellamy: Kate Hudson’s Brit

I remember laughing my head off watching how to lose a guy in ten days. The poor girl just couldn’t win it seemed. It was a great movie that shows just how complicated life can be. Well the lucky Matthew Bellamy has been dating the movie’s star Kate Hudson now for about 9 months.

Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson are expecting a little bundle of joy. I wonder if there is an engagement announcement here in the near future. I don’t know about you but I thought she looked pretty cute with Matthew M. in those movies. Oh well I guess we can settle for Matthew Bellamy since she thinks he’s a good pick.

Kate Hudson is 31 and has a 7 year old child with Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes which is her ex-husband. Her new boyfriend also has music in his blood and has a band called Muse. Kate just can’t stay away from the music. Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson have been caught many times in a goofy love grin – best wishes guys!

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