Holly Lahti: Single Mom Wins $190 Million

There are many single moms out there that are wondering how they are going to pay the bills. Sometimes you have to choose between new school clothes and summer camp. Life can be hard for single moms but there is one single Mom that is not going to have to worry about that for a while. Holly Lahti won $190 million off the Mega Millions Lottery.

Holly Lahti is a single mom of 2 kids. She asked the lottery not to give our her location because of privacy reasons. All we know is that she lives in North Idaho. Holly Lahti surely is going to have a major life change.

The only thing that she is going to have to do is figure out what she is going to spend all of that money on. I am sure that her kids are going to be very excited about the extra cash flow. She had to split the winnings with Jim McCullar and his wife or she would have had double this amount. Still I think that Holly Lahti is going to be pretty happy with the $190 million.

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