Brandi Favre: Meth Arrest

There is a lot of fuss going on in the Favre family. It seems that they can barely stand to stay out of the negative spotlight. It’s not Brett this time though. Brett’s youngest sister Brandi has been arrested in Mississippi.

Brandi Favre was one of five people that were arrested in Mississippi. She was caught in a situation that involved a meth lab. She is charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and generating hazardous waste. This is not the first time that Brandi Favre had a run in with the law either.

In a previous incident Brett Favre’s younger sister was in trouble for unlawful use of a weapon and also shoplifting. She had been able to stay out of the spotlight that surrounded her brother and the alleged “penis pics” but then she made some press of her own. Maybe the family will actually be able to settle down in the next couple of months. We are sure to hear more about Brandi Favre and her older brother.

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