Anna Benson: Wife Of Kris Benson

With Kris Benson retiring many people are up in arms and wondering what that is going to mean for his wife. Kris was a pretty popular player but his wife passed him in popularity. She was even named FHM’s hottest baseball wife in 2004. We are of course talking about Anna Benson.

Anna Benson is a real brunette bombshell that makes all the boys droll. I am sure that she is not going to go anywhere just because her husband is out of the spotlight. She is too addicted to the attention that comes from all of the spotlight. Anna Benson photos are all over the web.

Most of her photos you are going to see will have baseball themes. This is of course because of her husband’s career. Is she going to branch out further now and do more different types of pictures? Maybe Kris Benson will come out of retirement and that way people won’t have to worry about losing Anna Benson.

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