Ophiuchus Horoscope

What a wobbly word we live on. There is always something changing but today some news came up that I did not expect. Apparently all of the people who have been reading their daily horoscope have been reading someone else’s information. This is what the Ophiuchus horoscope has come to make us believe along with the fact that our Earth has shifted.

The Ophiuchus horoscope Nov. 29th to Dec. 17th. The shift means that I am no longer Gemini (which I thought fit me pretty good) and my husband is no longer Scorpio. Man a lot sure can change in one little discovery. Where did the Ophiuchus horoscope come from though?

It didn’t “come from” anywhere actually. It’s been there all of the time but the Babylonians threw it out. They didn’t want to have 13 signs, they only wanted 12. This is how the Ophiuchus horoscope got the boot but now it’s back!


  1. hailey says:

    i am the ophiuchus and i have a big note book that i got when i was bore with a stagerause

  2. At last we have found the recognition we deserve. The 13th zodiac sign is for real people.

  3. Unfortunately, all this “Ophiuchus” business is doing a huge disservice to how Astrology actually *works*… and, like it or not, it WORKS.

  4. Kirill says:

    he constellation, Ophiuchus, has been known since ancient times, and is better known as Serpentarius, the Serpent Holder. It is included in the list of 48 constellations described by Ptolemy. Ophiuchus is depicted as a man handling a serpent; his body dividing the large snake into two parts, giving way to the symbol used today as an Asclepius – the medical staff. Astrologers have not included Ophiuchus in the wheel of Astrological signs because the Sun spends only about nineteen days in this 13th sign of the Mazzaroth. Not that there wasn’t a 13th sign in the Heavens, but as far as Astrologers were concerned, the Sun traveled from the constellation ‘Scorpius’ and then proceeded directly into the sign of Sagittarius. In reality, this was not the case. The Sun, for 19 days of the year, travels through the star constellation ‘Ophiuchus’ before entering Sagittarius from Scorpius – see chart below. thus The sign of Ophiuchus is patterned after the original ‘Serpent Holder’, Enki, a Sumerian god.

    he signs of the Zodiac are for the most part, the highway, or path on which the Sun takes it’s yearly journey across the heavens – as it would appear to Earthlings. These signs are actually star constellations occupying space in which the Sun appears to travels in an earth year. The original twelve signs/constellations: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are quite familiar to everyone, however, the thirteenth sign and constellation, [Ophiuchus], is in fact, not well known. To acknowledge a 13th sign now would seem awkward for astrologers, who like the tidiness of 12 signs that rule over the 12 houses of the Zodiac. The heavens are alive and they do change after a few thousand years and the astrologer who wants to maintain accuracy must change along with the signs in the heavens.

    he constellation of Ophiuchus is the only sign of the Zodiac which is linked to a real man. This man lived in ancient Egypt around the 27th century BCE, and his name was Imhotep [again patterned after Enki]. Many of the same attributes of Imhotep can also be found in the Biblical Hebrew man Joseph, son of Jacob – [see comparison chart for these two men in separate article]. Imhotep is credited with many accomplishments including the knowledge and use of medicine. It is said of Imhotep that he brought the art of healing to mankind. The symbol of a serpent [or snake], which is still widely used today to represent the medical profession, was used to represent Imhotep. Imhotep was also known as ‘Aesclepius’ to the ancient Greeks, but by any name the attributes are still all the same. The attributes listed below describe the Serpent Holder, Imhotep, i.e. the Hebrew Joseph, and Aesclepius. The keyword descriptions seen below, originated with Betty Rhodes, and are the attributes for the 13th sign of the Zodiac – Ophiuchus:

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