New Zodiac Signs 2011

What happened over night? It seems that the astronomers have noticed some changes going on in the heavens. These changes did not happen over night however. The new zodiac signs 2011 are a big surprise to many people.

With the new Zodiac signs 2011 this has many people confused. Where did the sign come from? What is this going to do to our horoscope and more questions are coming. People claim that the new Zodiac signs 2011 aren’t going to complicate anything.

Ophiuchus didn’t come out of no where. It was around since the beginning too but the Babylonians wanted to have 12 signs and not 13. NBC says that this is not going to change the horoscope reading. How can’t the new zodiac signs 2011 help but do anything but change the way people read their horoscope?


  1. Tenae says:

    This is totally dumb, theres no efin reason for them to change the signs

  2. Derick says:

    OMG wtf man like seriously??????????

  3. Sha says:

    Makes no sense, even until this day I still possess strong signs of being a Scorpio, there’s no way I’m a Libra. I’m sure that this only applies to people born during or after this rotating earth junk happened. So, tough cookies for Minnesotan astrologist who discovered this. If they insist that everyone has changed, then I’m converting to Chinese horoscope instead, just don’t change my daily horoscopes or else I’m gonna throw a fit deep down without anyone knowing… Cause I’m a Scorpio…and that’s why we do best.

  4. Shantelle says:

    This is pretty lame!

  5. mark says:

    They’re nothing but retards.So, Virgo’s would say “I’m no longer ‘the Virgin’ but a sick masochist lion” …

  6. Ha ha you stupid pricks says:

    Haha to all you non creative idiots who decided that it was cool to get your astrological sign tatooed

  7. JillianMaria says:

    Born A Cancer.
    Die A Cancer.
    I Don’t Care.
    What “Smart” Guys In Glasses.
    Have To Say About The Stars,

  8. chelsea says:

    This is dumb this should only apply to people born in 2011 cuz u gotta think about all the people that have there zodiac signs tattooed on them so fuck this new shit I’m going with the old signs

  9. Cha Cha says:

    What’s happening with the Chinese ‘zodiak’? Is it also changing? This is just a little bit TOO much

  10. selina says:

    they made scorpio last for only 6 days! I have a scorpio moon and I find that extreemly insulting. GET RID OF THIS NEW SIGN NOW!

  11. Aurori says:

    The new zodiac only goes for the new born babies the rest of you are fine =) Today, Time, MSNBC and tons of other online news outlets are buzzing about the “new” horoscope. The articles are full of vague explanations like, “The star doctors say Earth right now is in a totally different spot in relation to the sun and its equatorial alignment than it was 3,000 years ago.” Or: “Because of the moon’s gravitational pull on Earth, the alignment of the stars was pushed by about a month.”

  12. Neil says:

    I think I’m going to look into tattoo removal. I can predict it will be very profitable. I use to be a scorpio but now I’m a libra. WTF. I’m glad I never got the tattoo

  13. Vyrmin says:

    There are astrologers are coming to the rescue and saying, “not so fast” many do not know there have always been two zodiacs – the western zodiac and the sidereal zodiac. The sidereal zodiac is practiced in the eastern part of the world, and that is the one that would be changing. Therefore, nothing would change for those in the West.

  14. Franacita says:

    Sorry but I don’t trust those doctors… I’m a pisces and that’s not changing because some one said soooo….!

  15. Candy says:

    This is really dumb..So tell me something ?! our personality changes to? !!! Like Wtf…it’s probably a new planet or something..I just dont understand where all this is coming from! Why does stars even exist!? -_-

  16. Candy says:

    I’m A September 11 Forever and Always will be a VIRGO :D

  17. Sam says:

    I will always be a Cancer no mader what the hell the say.

  18. Mchelle says:

    I’m a taurus and that’s no BULL!

  19. Tee says:

    fml i have a tattoo of cancer. now that i’m not a cancer anymore =/

  20. Alicia. says:

    They obtain new information which changes things, its not the end of the world.

  21. msmarie says:

    this is crazy. what is the name of the new zodiac anyway???

  22. Dream says:

    I am forever Gemini!!!!!! <3

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