New Astrological Dates

Breaking news, people may be switching to fortune cookies. I’m just kidding, sort of. I have seen much more less requests for the daily horoscope today and more for the fortune cookies on facebook. Could this be because of the new astrological dates?

The new astrological dates have really put a hitch in the system. Instead of being 12 signs there are now 13. This 13th sign really isn’t new however, it was just booted out by the Babylonians. The new astrological dates are going to effect some people’s zodiac signs.

I am actually one of the people that changed from a Gemini. If I really depended on that stuff I would be really confused. These signs were figured up 2 to 3 thousand years ago but now what is going on? The new astrological dates are sure to have some people pretty confused.

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