Wes Welker Press Conference

Remember all of the fun that we had with Rex Ryan just a couple of weeks ago? I had pretty much forgot about it and was going to let it go. Sure the video of his wife and him and then those other photos that showed up were weird but I was over it. Not after the Wes Welker press conference.

The Wes Welker press conference was hilarious. He said foot or toe about every other minute to give a dig at Rex Ryan. The fun didn’t stop here however. There were plenty of people that decided that they were pretty upset about the Wes Welker press conference.

There was tons of pregame trash talk going on. This was really funny but can we get serious again? I know it’s entertainment but I want to see some real sports and hear some real sports talk again. How many times did you watch the Wes Welker press conference?

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