John Dye Touched By An Angel: Touched By An Angel Star Dies

There are a lot of people that have watched this awesome television show. It all began and premiered on CBS in 1994. It was concluded in 2003 after 211 episodes and 9 seasons. Today we found out that we have lost John Dye touched by an angel.

John Dye touched by an angel was the angel of death that helped to escort the people to the other side. He was a very talented actor with a unique look and charming speech. According to CBS news the cause of death has yet to be determined. It is very sad news about John Dye touched by an angel.

When the news about the touched by an angel star dies came out there were many people that were rushing to see which one of the stars had passed. No one believed that it would be this young 47 year old. It is another sad day for the fans of this show. We will miss you John Dye touched by an angel.

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