FBI Witch Hunt

The fur is flying once again. There is a group of activists that is up in arms. Well, they were already up in arms but now they are up in arms over another reason. This reason is what they call a FBI witch hunt.

This group is accusing the FBI of a FBI witch hunt because of what happened just a short time ago. The FBI raided multiple activist groups. Some in Minneapolis and some in Chicago. This FBI witch hunt is being watched by many different people.

The activist group is an antiwar group. They claim that they are against war and for peace. The FBI claims that they may be tied to terrorists in Columbia and Palestine. We will most likely hear much more about this FBI witch hunt.


  1. Jim says:

    The FBI has become an out and out agent of oppression, attacking the Bill of Rights like never before.

    Any American citizens who opposes some aspect of the U.S. Federal Government’s questionable and oftentimes corrupt policies can expect to be targeted by illegal FBI surveillance, and even its despicable COINTELPRO tactics.

    The FBI is being used a as pawn of the Zionist controlled White House to circumvent the Constitutional rights of any American citizen whom the White House takes a dislike to.

    The FBI has no legislative charter and thus no statutory reason to exist. Yet the Congress appropriates nearly 10 billion dollars a year to keep
    this Americanized Gestapo operating, even though many of its former agents have publicly stated that the FBI has become nothing but a well financed upper level crime syndicate.

    The FBI should be abolished in the interest of protecting the American people’s God given rights.

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