Bank Of America

Do you do online banking? Do you enjoy the ease of just popping online to check your account and other fun things. There are many people that use this method of banking. Bank Of America has had it’s site down for quite a while now so their customers are getting pretty frustrated.

Bank of America is communicating it’s awareness of the problem through it’s twitter account but that’s not helping too much. They are being flooded with calls and complaints. The site has only been down for a few hours but that can seem like a life time to people that are trying to get into their accounts online. Bank of America had a similar outage like this after paying off the government bailouts in January 2010.

People are very interested as to what is going on but no one is talking. There is no explanation whatsoever as to why these outages are being experienced. I guess if you are using their products you are just going to have to hang tight. I wouldn’t bother calling Bank of America as you would just slow them down at fixing the problem.

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