Flag Day 2010 proper way to display the flag

Flag Day 2010 has Americans across the U.S. proudly waving the red white and blue banner. Flag day is not considered a national holiday, go figure. Flag Day is intended to celebrate the day the American flag was adopted by Congress in 1877. The resolution passed on that date stated the flag would have 13 stripes, 13 stars, and a blue field with white stars to portray a new constellation.

u.s. flag

Flag Day 2010 has many revisiting the proper and improper ways to display the American flag, from the U.S. Flag Code passed in 1942. Here are some dos and donts regarding flag display:

  • A flag draped on a coffin is not just for veterans; it is suitable for anyone.
  • The flag should not ever be used for draperies, bedding, or clothing.
  • The flag itself is considered a “living thing,” because it represents a living country.
  • Flags should be kept from touching the floor, water, or other items beneath it.
  • Flags that are frayed, torn, tattered, or not in a suitable condition for display should be destroyed respectfully, preferably by burning.

The colors of the flag are symbolic of the following: red means valor and hardiness, white means innocence and purity, and blue signifies vigilance, justice, and perseverance. It is still unknown who designed the first American flag, although historians are of the opinion it was either Betsy Ross, a Pennsylvania seamstress, or Congressman (NJ) Francis Hopkinson.
In 1949, President Truman declared June 14 of each year National Flag Day. So on Flag Day 2010, from the land of the free and the home of the brave, “Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave.”

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