Miss America: Teresa Scanlan

The beautiful Brooke Burke and Chris Harrison hosted this year’s beauty pageant, uh I mean scholarship program. There were many young ladies that were out for the title. The number to be exact was 52. There was only one girl that got to walk away as Miss America.

miss america 2011Miss America is now Teresa Scanlan. She is only 17 years old but she has big dreams. She plans to attend law school and to become a judge. I have a feeling that we will see great things out of Teresa Scanlan.

There are many different things that she is going to have to think about now. What is she going to do with her new found fame? There will be plenty of work for her to do as she is the youngest person to win this title for 90 years as the youngest winner at 15 years old won back in 1921 when the pageant first began. Teresa Scanlan has only began to see how this could truly change her life.

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