Marcus Trufant: Seahawks CB Head Injury

There were actually two players that were hurt in the game on Sunday. They had to cart them off the field. The game of football is a rough one but today was a particularly crazy day. Marcus Trufant incurred a head and neck injury.

Marcus Trufant got hurt when he went to tackle Chicago Bears tightend Kellen Davis. Even if he got hurt he went down trying that’s for sure. He’s one of those go get em people. Hopefully Marcus Trufant will make a quick recovery.

The trainers tried to work him a little bit but he was soon put on the cart and taken off the field. Some of the injuries like these can be pretty serious. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. John Carlson was the other play that was injured so we hope that both John Carlson and Marcus Trufant have a quick recovery and we will continue to send up prayers for them.

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