Wes Welker Foot Interview

If you remember this last week there was an interview that was taunting Rex Ryan. This all came about because of the foot video and then some photos that ending up surfacing later. Usually New England doesn’t say too much unlike the verbal New York team. The Wes Welker foot interview was pretty funny if you knew what was going on.

In the Wes Welker foot interview he mentioned feet 11 times. It took the reporters a little while to catch on to what he was doing but I’m sure that Rex Ryan knew he was poking at him. Well once he went and said all of this he ended up getting benched for the start of the contest. The Wes Welker foot interview was not sanctioned by the Patriots so this is probably why.

These little jabs really were not anything to get benched over but apparently the Patriots thought it was. The Patriots enjoy doing their smashing during the game instead of with speech. This is a pretty smart way to do things and why not if it wins the game? Did you see the Wes Welker foot interview?

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