New Zodiac Signs 2011: Not Accurate

There have been thousands of people scurrying about trying to figure out what is going on with the stars. There were reports that the Zodiac was wrong because of the alignment of the sun. It turns out that we do not even follow that Zodiac. The new Zodiac signs 2011 are not accurate.

new zodiac sign 2011New Zodiac signs 2011 have freaked plenty of people out. They were wondering and worrying about their tattoos and how their signs could possibly change because they seemed so much like their characteristics. Some people were even cussing the new findings. Well now they can calm down since we know that the new Zodiac signs 2011 are not accurate.

The reason that it will not affect us is because we follow the zodiac that is called the tropical zodiac which is fixed to seasons. The other Zodiac that is followed mainly in the East is called sidereal. Experts say that there have always been two zodiacs. The new zodiac signs 2011 do not affect the horoscope which many people in America were worried about.

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