Jim Thorpe: Greatest Athlete Of The 20th Century

Everyone has a story but some people’s stories are more interesting than others. This isn’t because of fate or because of a hand that has been dealt to someone. It’s purely through how they have chosen to live their lives. Jim Thorpe was a young man who chose to have an amazing life.

jim thorpeJim Thorpe was a great athlete but many people say this would be a great injustice to leave it at that. They want to call him the great athlete of the 20th century. This great man was born back in 1887 in a 1 room cabin in Prague, Oklahoma. Jim Thorpe was off to a humble start but that did not stop him from being great.

This man was able to blow the competition out of the water in both the pentathlon and the decathlon in 1912 and set records that would stand for decades. In 1913 however he hit a rough patch and was stripped of his gold medals because they found out that he had played semi professional baseball. Jim Thorpe we remember you as a great and successful athlete.

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