Is The Post Office Open On Martin Luther King Day?


Rain, nor sleet nor snow shall stop the mail but a holiday sure will. They do deserve to have a day off though now don’t they? It can be quite annoying when you try to go to the post office and then it’s closed. So the answer to your question of ” Is the post office open on Martin Luther King Day? ” is no.

Is the post office open on Martin Luther King Day? No, all of your packages and letters are going to have to wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow everything will be back in working order. Is the post office open on Martin Luther King Day where you are?

The answer is most likely no since it’s a government run mail service. If one is closed then they all are going to be closed. Don’t be mad when you go in to do your shipping and sending tomorrow. Your question “Is the post office open on Martin Luther King Day?” is no.


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