New xbox 360 is here just call me slim

The new xbox 360 is here, and it is smaller, shinier, and they start shipping tomorrow June 15. The price tag is around $299. Many are wondering why the company did not call it the xbox 360 slim. Gamers have questions, and some of the answers are below.

Consumers want to know if the new console will play their old games, and for now the assumption is yes. New units are out there now, so gamers will know for sure very soon. The new xbox 360 now has WiFi and a 250 GB hard drive without an increase in price. Microsoft did not mention much about the specs, so this has gamers thinking since nothing much was said, nothing much is new.

The new xbox 360 has touch sensitive power and eject control, optical audio output, HDMI, and five USB ports. The operation will be quieter with only one large fan on the interior of the console. The case has been redesigned, but it is unclear what else has changed on the inside other than a lot more ventilation which is a welcome change. It won’t take long for serious gaming enthusiasts to give it a whirl and let everyone know their consensus.

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